One of the largest online catalogs available capable of ensuring complete security throughout the purchasing process along with a team ready to assist you with technical advice upon request: Biloak is a digital platform dedicated to the sale of IGI, GIA and HRD certified loose diamonds and diamonds for settings. A single, intuitive and easy to navigate portal to use to send all your orders for the supply of certified bulk diamonds, at the best market prices and with quick delivery times.




Explore the catalog and browse the price list of IGI diamonds, GIA diamonds and HRD diamonds updated using the data provided by the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, then select the type, number and quantity of gems and complete your order in just a few steps.

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IGI, GIA and HRD certified loose diamonds and diamonds for settings: the purchase process on the Biloak market

Biloak is a B2B online market focused on the sale of supplies of diamonds for settings and loose diamonds.
The project was created to respond to the needs of jewelers, goldsmiths, fashion houses and professionals of all types involved in the sale and processing of precious stones.

After registering your account on Biloak, you will immediately have access to the complete catalog of certified loose diamonds. A practical interface complete with all the key information allows you to select the loose diamonds that best suit your needs by filtering them according to the number of carats, color, clarity, cut and price. Prices of IGI, GIA and HRD certified diamonds for settings are determined on the basis of fluctuations in the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and updated continuously, so that you are always certain that you are buying at the fairest price and at the real market value of the precious stones selected.

Once the loose diamonds have been added to your cart, all you need to do is to confirm the order using the payment preferences indicated during the registration phase. Biloak lets you purchase IGI, GIA and HRD certified diamonds with guaranteed quality, always at convenient prices and without any worries relating to the inspection and transport of the precious stones.

Buy certified diamonds for settings and loose diamonds 
with all the warranties offered by Biloak

Buying certified diamonds for settings online can be a challenging task: in fact, there are many elements to consider when choosing a truly reliable supplier for the purchase of such a precious commodity. Biloak operates in full compliance with the regulations governing the sale of loose diamonds in Italy and internationally, employing all necessary technological precautions to ensure compliance with the highest online security standards.

In order to protect sellers and end customers, and to comply with the anti-money laundering regulations in force in Belgium, Biloak requires every new user registered on the portal to fill out a Know Your Customer form (KYC), which permits unique identification of each buyer.
All loose diamonds in the catalog are always accompanied by certifications attesting to their quality and value, as well as to the ethical aspects (through the use of verified supply chains, whose proceeds feed growth projects in the territories of origin).

GIA certified diamonds
(Gemological Institute of America)

GIA certified diamonds are inspected and evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America, the most prestigious gemological institution in the US. Founded in 1931 in Los Angeles, the Gemological Institute of America is known for having introduced the Classification System later adopted worldwide, namely that based on the “4Cs” (“Carat”, “Color”, “Clarity”, and “Cut”,). Universally recognized as one of the most prestigious internationally, the GIA certificate is prepared following the laboratory evaluation of the gemstone. The certificate number is laser engraved on the girdle of the gem. The Gemological Institute of America is the reference gemological certifying body for colored loose diamonds.

IGI certified diamonds (International Gemological Institute)

IGI certified diamonds undergo scrupulous gemological evaluations by the International Gemological Institute, a body based in many cities around the world, including Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Mumbai, Tokyo and Dubai, just to mention the main ones. Following inspection of each precious stone, the IGI issues a certificate showing the precise parameters relating to carat, color, clarity and cut, measured using cutting-edge instruments with infinitesimal margins of error. IGI certified diamonds for settings – available for purchase as loose diamonds – warrant the value recognized all over the world,  facilitating the sale of these precious stones. IGI certified gemstones feature a laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle of the diamond. The engraving does not alter the quality of the diamond in any way, as it is only visible under a microscope, but allows each precious stone to be identified with certainty and to easily access the digital copy of the original certificate.

HRD certified diamonds
(Hoge Raad voor Diamant)

HRD certified diamonds are inspected and evaluated by the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (or “High Diamond Council”), a body officially established in 1973 in Antwerp, Belgium, and currently the most prestigious body operating on European soil and heir to the city’s more than 500-year history in the diamond trade. The HRD certificate issued following gemological evaluation of the precious stone warrants the quality and value of the diamond and is recognized worldwide thanks to the excellent reputation of the institution.
The Hoge Raad voor Diamant, or High Diamond Council, issues 3 different certificates for each single gemstone:

certificate of authenticity, which certifies that the diamond is not of synthetic origin or a source of other types of imitation;
quality certificate, which details its weight, purity, shape, color, fluorescence, size, proportions, and level of finish;
HRD identification report, which uniquely identifies it with a numerical code.

HRD certified setting and loose diamonds are also accompanied by a digital copy of the certificate, stored 100% securely in the My HRD Antwerp database.

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Biloak Diamonds

FAQ for Certified Diamonds:

1. Who can buy certified diamonds from our company?

Any party that has a VAT number: industry professionals of all types and sizes, from the small independent goldsmiths and jewelers, chain stores, brands, manufacturers, diamond wholesalers, and individual entrepreneurs.

2. How can I access the certified diamond price lists?

To access the certified diamond price lists you need to contact our staff and fill out the KYC form on the website for registration If you have any problems, please contact us and we will guide you through the registration.

3. Is there a minimum order amount to place a certified diamond order?

There is no minimum amount for certified diamonds. The stones available from Antwerp include free shipping. Please bear in mind that a shipment costs an average of $150, and thus it is a good idea to select stones from the same location to optimize shipping costs in relation to the product cost.

4. How can I order large quantities of certified diamonds?

For large quantities of certified diamonds, it is best to contact our staff who can provide consultancy and create a custom list with the best offer tailored to the customer’s needs.

5. What are the average times for shipping?

About two weeks.

6. Is it possible to make a return?

  1. To make a return, simply contact us and visit one of our offices in order for us to assist you with the return of the goods.

7. What are the payment terms?

For certified diamonds payment is made when placing the order.

8. Is it possible to have photos or videos of the stone before the purchase?

A copy of the certificate is certainly available before the purchase and in most cases both photos and videos are available.

9. Why do diamonds with certified identical characteristics have different prices?

The availability of our stones comes partly from our warehouse and the rest from the world diamond bourse, prices may vary depending on the origin of the stone or for differences on specific characteristics such as fluorescence or BGM. 

10. What does BGM stand for?

The acronym BGM stands for Brown, Green and Milky. A BGM diamond

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