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Biloak is the 100% Italian-based platform dedicated to the online sale of loose diamonds: wherever you are and whenever you want, you can access an extensive catalog of precious stones certified by the most prestigious and accredited international bodies, offered at prices updated directly on the basis of variations on the Antwerp Diamond Bourse.

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Loose diamonds: what are they?

The term “loose diamond” is commonly used to indicate an unset diamond, i.e. not mounted on necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other jewelry and accessories.

However, this definition also indicates diamonds that may be purchased by the piece or by the carat, individually or in batches, and therefore destined to become a safe haven investment or raw material for jewelers and craftsmen, to be used to complete rings and other precious jewelry.

How to Buy Batches of Loose Diamonds Online at Biloak

Biloak is the B2B platform for buying loose diamond supplies designed to simplify and streamline the procedure for the selection and sale of the most precious of stones.

Completing your first online order with Biloak takes only a few minutes: register as a personal user on the portal, fill out the Know Your Customer (KYC) form required by the anti-money laundering regulations in force in Belgium and for international sale and then, start exploring the extensive catalog of loose diamonds.

The clear and intuitive interface will allow you to easily identify the most suitable type of gemstone for the needs of your projects or your customers, filtering them according to:

  • color
  • clarity
  • cut
  • number of carats
  • price

Once you have chosen the wholesale certified diamonds  you like, just add the precious items to the cart and complete the online purchase process.

Biloak’s staff is ready to assist you in all pre- and post-sales phases, offering commitment-free consultancy to assist you in selecting loose diamonds and guide you through the payment and follow-up process, even after delivery is complete.

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All the assurance offered by the online market for the supply of loose diamonds

Providing the best quality at the lowest market prices, without compromising the security of purchases and transactions is the philosophy behind the success of the Biloak platform.

The team that takes care of the selection of suppliers and of the loose diamonds offered for online purchase carefully evaluates each single precious stone and ascertains the veracity of the IGI, GIA or HRD certificates that accompany all the gems available in the store.

Continuous updating to the prices set each day on the Antwerp Diamond Bourse in Belgium allows Biloak to offer its users supply costs that always correspond to the real value of the batches of precious stones being offered.

The presence of a team capable of providing assistance in Italian also allows for rapid resolution of any problem or inconvenience during the purchase process, minimizing the risk of delays or misunderstandings with supplies.

Insured shipments and ability to requesting assistance even after the transaction and delivery complete the picture of the efficient services developed by Biloak for the sale of certified loose diamonds.

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Biloak Diamonds

FAQ for Loose Diamonds:

1. Who can buy loose diamonds from our company?

Any party that has a VAT number: industry professionals of all types and sizes, from the small independent goldsmiths and jewelers, chain stores, brands, manufacturers, diamond wholesalers, and individual entrepreneurs.

2. How can I access the loose diamond price lists?

To access the loose diamond price lists you need to contact our staff and fill out the KYC form on the website for registration If you have any problems, please contact us and we will guide you through the registration.

3. Are loose diamonds natural?

Biloak deals exclusively with natural loose diamonds, they undergo continuous checks and inspections by our team of expert gemologists and a special machine, the “Sherlock Holmes 3.0”, which performs an in-depth analysis that ensures the natural characteristics of the stone.

4. Where do Biloak's loose diamonds come from?

Biloak’s loose diamonds are sourced from our own cutters in Mumbai, with office at the BKC, and in the Antwerp diamond district

5. What is the difference between loose and certified diamonds?

Loose diamonds are precious stones with similar or equivalent characteristics to certified diamonds and are mostly used in the processing and creation of jewelry. Predominantly small in size (under 0.30 carats) they do not require a specific certificate from a gemological institute, which might exceed the cost of the stone. Certified diamonds are usually larger stones that require a gemological examination from special, internationally recognized institutes (e.g.: IGI, GIA), which warrant and certify all the characteristics of the stone down to the smallest detail.

6. How are loose diamonds tested?

Loose diamonds are checked both when entering and exiting our offices and warehouses by our team of expert Gemmologists and state-of-the-art machinery such as the “Sherlock Holmes 3.0”

7. Is there a minimum order amount to place a loose diamond order?

There is no minimum amount to place an order. It is possible to purchase either single stones or large quantities. For amounts over € 1,500, shipping is free, costs may vary below € 25.

8. How are diamonds selected and sorted by clarity and color?

Biloak employs a team of expert gemologists who, in addition to being trained by institutes, have received expertise and know-how from the company in order to meet our evaluation criteria. The diamonds are divided into 8 quality categories, the highest (from VS2 up) are in the DEF color range, stones with quality equal to or lower than SI1 are mainly in the G color range, and a small percentage (about 10%) are in the H range.

9. How are the batches divided by size?

The batches are divided using a precision instrument called a “sieve”. Biloak uses ultra-thin titanium sieves to ensure the utmost accuracy possible in dividing diamonds by specific size.

10. What types of cuts are available in loose diamonds?

Biloak specializes in the classic brilliant or round cut, the full range of fancy cut diamonds is available upon request.

11. What is the average cut quality?

The quality of the cut is high, the stones are selected or rejected also according to the quality of the cut

12. What does a batch delivery look like?

A batch delivery comes inside the traditional “brifka”, with the information displayed on the outside of the packet. The information includes: division by measures in plates, millimeters and carats, weight for each specific unit of meausre, total weight, clarity, etc.

13. How long does it take for the order to be prepared?

Orders are prepared within a few hours

14. What are the average times for shipping?

Between 24 and 72 hours.

15. How is the number of stones verified before they are sent off?

Using a special machine, the “Data Count JR”, that eliminates the possibility of human error.

16. Is it possible to make a return?

To make a return, please contact assistance or visit to the nearest Biloak office.

17. Is it possible to know the number of stones per carat for a given size?

The number of stones per carat may vary slightly depending on how the stones are cut, it is possible to know the number of stones with reasonable accuracy.

18. How can I order a batch?

To order a batch, after registering and logging into the site, go to the “full parcel” or “complete batches” page. For more information, please contact our assistance service by phone or e-mail.

19. What are the distribution amounts of the batches?

The amounts are always indicated on the product page of the batches, they are guaranteed and follow market trends.

20. How are loose diamond prices updated?

The price is updated based on market fluctuations starting from that of rough diamonds.

21. Can I get credit?

Once you are a customer it is possible to request and obtain a credit line with prior authorization from our administration. Credit lines can be granted in the amount of € 10,000 and may be obtained 5-10 working days from the request. Higher amounts and variations require discussion with the management.

22. Are custom offers available based on my purchase pattern?

By collecting and analyzing the sales data of the usual purchase amounts, custom offers can be arranged with our management. Special discounts may be available for specific amounts and clarity grades, depending on market fluctuations

23. Is it possible to buy fancy color loose diamonds?

Yes, upon request.

24. Where can I physically view the Biloak diamonds?

By appointment, at the nearest Biloak office.

25. Is it possible to request an appointment for a personal consultation?

It is possible by e-mail, cell phone or WhatsApp.

26. Can I get an assessment of the type of stones I currently use?

Yes, an assessment can be performed by appointment with one of our experts. This will make it possible to better understand the competitive advantage of our stones, purchasing directly from suppliers and accessing discounted price lists and quality products.

27. What advantage is there to buying diamonds from Biloak instead of other suppliers?

  • Having a price list at hand at all times in order to compare them with any other supplier and see the price advantage; 
  • Take advantage of the immediacy of our services, with just three clicks you can send the order, which is shipped in record time (between 24 and 72 hours) from one of our offices; 
  • There are no surprises. In addition to passing our strict evaluation criteria, the diamonds are displayed with professional photographs at 10x magnification on the website and any stones that do not meet the indicated standards can be returned or replaced immediately; 
  • The ability to independently generate custom estimates to estimate the costs of a single jewel or an entire production batch; 
  • Having at your complete disposal the stock and prices of a leading company in the industry with more than 30 years experience, with numerous partners, cutters in Mumbai and affiliates all over the world, and which offers a first-of-its-kind service that allows customers to consult prices and buy diamonds independently at any time online using a special platform.

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