A time-honored tradition bound with a deep passion for the world of fine jewelry and gemology, handed down from generation to generation, cultivating the goal of enhancing a unique, inimitable and eternal experience like a diamond: these are the premises upon which Biloak, the dedicated B2B platform, has been created and developed to enable the purchase of loose and certified diamonds wholesale.
Select the carat, color, clarity and cut of your diamonds: Biloak assures you secure and timely supplies, at the best market prices.
Our mission is simple: to facilitate the processes of selection and wholesale purchase of diamonds, providing scrupulous inspections at each step of the supply chain and complete compliance with regulations and national and international laws.

From the art of fine watchmaking to gemological consultancy: 
ours is a success story that spans time o

The Biloak online platform is the result of the lengthy tradition and extensive knowledge of the Di Stefano family, whose experience has been marked by enormous satisfaction and important distinction since the first, modest watch shop that opened in 1945.

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The in-depth gemological skills we have developed over the years along with our vast international network have made it possible for us to specialize in increasingly exclusive and sought-after niches, such as those of fancy cut diamonds, fancy color diamonds and brown and black diamonds. From our initial specialization in the fine watchmaking sector, our business activities expanded to the world of fine jewelry. It was in this phase that the study, evaluation, purchase and sale of diamonds became increasingly the focus of the Di Stefano family’s sales outlets, which in the meantime had grown in number throughout Italy.

At present, through the Biloak project, we are able to offer ourselves as a partner for the unlimited supply of loose and certified diamonds, providing the solution for even the most specific and complex needs. Whatever project you are working on, with Biloak you can be sure to enjoy safe, guaranteed and always convenient purchases.

Biloak: seriousness, competence and fidelity at the service of Italian artisans and jewelers

We work hard to ensure you the best service available, with the complete understanding of the importance of accuracy and seriousness in an industry as complex and articulated as that of the sale of diamonds and precious stones.
Biloak collaborates with expert gemologists and with Italian and international gemological laboratories to make the most of the skills of the best specialists for the evaluation and calibration of diamonds.

What does it mean for you?
It ensures that you are able to:

  • purchase high-quality supplies
  • count on valid and verifiable certifications
  • expect costs and deadlines to meet agreed terms for delivery
  • make use of technical assistance and consultation at every stage of the purchase

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Our team of knowledgeable, helpful and experienced individuals is ready to answer any questions you may have in order to clarify the ins and outs of the purchasing processes on the Biloak B2B platform and to help you in choosing your diamond supply. To talk with a member of our team, please access the Contact section.

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