Biloak is the online market dedicated to the purchase and supply of diamonds for jewelry makers.
It is a completely modern service that offers warranties for returns and proper registration, making the purchase of loose and certified diamonds by jewelers a truly quick and intuitive process.
Visit our online store and explore the vast range of custom services that have been designed to assist you at each step – from the selection to the delivery of precious stones – and immediately take advantage of the convenience, reliability and fidelity of a well-established European institution with years of experience in the evaluation, sale and supply of diamonds. 



Buying diamonds for professionals: Biloak is your supplier based on the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and 
partnership with the best Indian cutters

Selecting Biloak as a partner for your jewelry store or professional business will ensure that you :

  • buy only certified, loose diamonds at the best market price

  • are able to take advantage of a vast assortment available in multiple qualities and sizes

  • can rely on a serious and professional service, with more than ten years in the industry

  • receive your orders in a timely and secure manner

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Purchasing diamonds online for certified professionals: ask the Biloak team for advice

The Biloak platform has been designed to streamline and facilitate the process of evaluating, selecting and purchasing diamonds, making use of the resources offered by the Internet and adopting the greatest applicable security standards possible for order management and payment verification.
In just a few minutes, you can register as a user on the portal and access the interactive price list section. The rates indicated per carat or per single diamond are continuously updated using the data provided directly by major world producers.
 So you can compare prices and select the quality most appropriate for your assortment or production in a simple and intuitive manner.


  • select the desired quality and size

  • specify the quantity by choosing either carats or pieces as the unit of measure

  • finalize the order by completing payment using the method selected at registration

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Biloak Diamonds

Diamonds for jewelers: the certifications and guarantees offered by Biloak

Biloak offers a logistics platform for loose stones or stones certified by the 3 main international gemological institutes:

Biloak Diamonds
GIA (Gemological Institute of America)
Biloak Diamonds
IGI (International Gemological Institute)
Biloak Diamonds
HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant)

The platform also makes use of a substantial amount of in stock material. All diamonds for professionals and for certified jewelry makers undergo technical evaluations using the most advanced tools in the industry. This ensures that the diamonds are natural at each step of the process, eliminating the possible presence of any Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), artificial diamonds of all kinds, moissanites and crystals of various types.

The qualitative characteristics are tested and the diamonds sorted by a team of gemologists that acts as a guarantor of an extremely accurate qualitative assortment.
In addition to the solid guarantees as to the quality and value of Biloak diamonds, we also offer verification of all sales transactions, in compliance with all applicable national and international regulations.
In particular, all customers of the Biloak store are required to fill out a Know Your Customer form (KYC), as set out in the Anti-Money Laundering Law(AML) in force in Belgium.

Buy diamonds online for certified professionals: ask the Biloak team for advice

The Biloak staff is ready to put their experience at your disposal to guide you in the choice of diamonds and in the use of the various tools offered by the online store. Visit the contact section to find out how to request advice: our staff will be able to answer any of your doubts and will be able to show you all the advantages of choosing Biloak as your partner for the supply of diamonds for professionals.

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